(for publication consideration)

This song was recorded in our backyard studio using an audiobox 8-channel USB interface. Mixing and mastering by our good friend Maxwell Smith (Freelance Engineer & Intern at Electric Lady Studios in NYC).

Peggy Single Album Art


It’s been a few weeks since I saw you, at least I’ve heard your voice

I know we’ve gone our separate routes, by design I didn’t have a choice

I know what you’ve been up to, everybody does

The one that you moved on to is so close to my blood

I just got news, the word is out, somebody’s steppin’ in while I’m steppin’ out


Life is stocked in different boxes, what have you been up to

Did my best to reach out, operator won’t put me through

As I slip, out the back door, pick my head up look around

I’m on my way up, and they’re shootin’ to gun me down

Just give it a couple of weeks and then it’s deja vu all over again


Slowly crawl into a bottle, seven turns to number nine

They say the sun won’t come up, it’s really f*cked this time

I just got news, the word is out, someboy’s steppin’ in while I’m steppin’ out

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